Samvel Avetisyan

Doctor of Economics


Education: In 1978 graduated from Department of Economic, Armenian Agrarian Institute, in 1983 graduated from Fellowship Program of Research Institute of Agricultural Economy, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Work experience: In 1978 economist at Collective farm of village Kamo, Akhuryan Region. From october 1978 lecturer at Armenian Agrarian Institute, Chair of Organization of Agricultural Production. In 1986-1994 Chair of United Trade Union Committee. in 1994-1998- Head of the Chair. In 1995-1999 head of Main Division, Science, Education and New Technologies of Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia.In 1999-2002 Member of Parliament of the Republic of Armenia. In 2002-2011 the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture. In 2003-2011 also worked at Institute of Economics after M. Kotanyan, National Academy of Sciences, RA. Since 2011 Professor at the Chairs of Organization of Agribusiness and Agrarian Policy and Consultancy at Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU). From January 18, 2013 to June 1 Director of Research Center “Agrarian Policy and Economics”, ANAU.  Short-term expert in Projects by IFAD, WB, and UNDP.  June 1, 2013 to September 3, 2013 Senior Researcher at ASUE “Amberd” Research Center, National Security Research Program. Since 3, 213 Director of ASUE “Amberd” Research Center. Since September 2016 director of the research program, and since April 2018 – senior expert.

Awards: Awarded with Anania Shirakatsi Medal, Gold Memorial Medal Of The Fridtjof Nansen International Foundation, Silver Medal of UN Food and Agriculture Organization and with Golden Medal “For Achievements in Agriculture”.

Scientific interests: Social-economic issues of agrarian sector, food security, agrarian market, territorial development, agrarian policy.