Analysis of the labor market and the comprehensive solutions for the state regulation of employment in the Republic of Armenia

The negative trends in the labor market of Armenia caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19, and especially the uncertainty regarding its further spread, are real threats for the job market. These threats are primarily pertinent to low-income workers, long-term unemployed, settlements with a level of economic development below the national average and can manifest themselves as real new factors behind deepening poverty and increasing social tension. Based on the goals of effective and collective opposition to these threats, new approaches to state regulation of the labor market were prioritized. The existing programs of state support for employment underwent comprehensive revision in order to make them in line with the objective socio-economic situation and to overcome the socio-economic consequences of the new pandemic. The purpose of the study is to identify the problems of the labor market and to propose new systematic solutions to the employment policy based on the results of a comprehensive.

Author: Զոյա Թադևոսյան
DOI: 10.52174/978-9939-61-221-8